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Well Harmony Day has come and gone and it turned out to be a great day! The Parra Youth Matters project team set up a stall in the Parramatta Mall at around 10am and begun handing out fliers, surveys and participation forms to the local community.

By 12pm we had lit up the BBQ and for the next couple of hours people feasted on sausages and Lebanese bread. The afternoon kicked off with the crowd being entertained by the Scott Simpkins Trio, by Sa Kabukiran (Filipino Dancers), Yuan Ji Dance (Blending Tai Chi + Martial Arts), Latin Salsa Australia and much more.

Overall the response was great. The people of Parramatta generously offered their time and support by filling out surveys and by openly discussing their perspective on a number of issues that were of concern to them. Furthermore, the BBQ was a huge success, with over 600 sausages eaten!

Have a look below at some of the great shots of the day