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Here are some links that you might find useful or interesting. Some are relevant to the topic of Active Democracy, some are not. If you would like your web-site to be listed on this page, or you want to suggest a link, please contact Lyn Carson.

Vitalizing Democracy through Participation - Reinhard Mohn Prize 2011 Awarded by the German Bertelsmann Stiftung "to a governmental institution - possibly in cooperation with a non-governmental actor - which has initiated successful projects (or programs) to vitalize democracy, to integrate under-represented citizens and to establish new forms of democratic problem-solving capacities through participation." The 2011 award went to the city of Recife, Brazil for their Participatory Budget process.

The City of Geraldton (Western Australia) 2029 and Beyond participatory future visioning project was a runner up for the award.
21st Century Dialogue 21st Century Dialogue is an Australian business, specialising in community engagement that maximises opportunities for inclusiveness and deliberation. It's led by Janette Hartz-Karp (now Associate Professor at Murdoch University) who has convened more deliberative, democratic processes than anyone I know.
Australian Study Circles Network Central resource for those who want to learn about study circles or organise a Dialogue to Change (D2C) program in Australia.
Brian Martin Brian Martin's publications on participatory alternatives to electoral politics.
Brisbane Declaration The Brisbane Declaration emerged from a conference sponsored by the Queensland Government and the United Nations.
Citizen Assembly, British Columbia One of the most interesting examples that has been trialled of inclusive deliberation, one that was integrated with parliamentary practices: in British Columbia, Canada in 2005. Unfortunately the site does not discuss the outcomes of the referendum but you can find that elsewhere if you use a search engine.
Citizens Initiative Review A bold US experiment to integrate a deliberative design with representative government
Citizen Legislature What about the possibility of choosing Congress through a process of random selection? Michael Phillips and Ernest Callenbach argue the case for random selection in their book Citizen Legislature.
Community Consultation Checklist Maintained by Bob Dick--useful for planning
Consensus Conference Australia's first Consensus Conferences (1999) via ABC site
Democratic Audit of Australia An audit to assess Australia's strengths and weaknesses as a democratic society
Deliberative Democracy Consortium A US-based network of researchers and practitioners working to strengthen the field of deliberative democracy
Deliberative Polls Australia's first two deliberative polls.
Deliberative Engagements Victorian case studies -- Dr Annie Bolitho
Institute for Sustainable Futures Australia's first combined televote and citizens' jury, convened by Institute for Sustainable Futures; check out Volume 3 of Final Report on Container Deposit Legislation
International Association for Public Participation International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)
International Conference on Engaging Communities International Conference on Engaging Communities
Jefferson Center a nonprofit organization providing tools for decision makers to understand what citizens want to do about key issues
Listening to the City Listening to the City
A large-scale consultation--with 4,300 in the one room!
Loka Institute The Loka Institute's page on US Citizens' Panels
National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) US-based but globally-oriented peak body advocating and supporting dialogue and deliberation. Follow feeds from its News Blog and Resource Center.
newDemocracy Sponsored the Australian Citizens Parliament in 2009 to consider how Australia should improve its democratic system. Download the Handbook about this national-scale deliberative process, with subsidiary information in a separate Appendix
Parra Youth Matters Australia's (and we believe the world's) first youth jury to be conducted by young people
Planning Cells The planning cell (planungszelle ®) is a German consultation method, originally developed by Peter Dienel (University of Wuppertal). The planning cell shares some of the attributes of the US citizens' juries, designed by Ned Crosby (Jefferson Center). Both the planning cell and the citizens' jury emerged in the mid 1970s.
TAN+N Teledemocracy: e-democracy, televoting and more

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